Chiropractor Dad Wears Baby to Work

We just thought this was the cutest story about a fellow chiropractic care physician in our field of work. Last week ABC News published photos of a Chicago area chiropractor, Dr. Tom Williams, bringing his 9-week-old baby to work and wearing him on his chest in a new born baby wrap during patient examinations.

ABC News called it “taking the idea of bring your child to work day to another level,” and reported that Dr. Williams’ patients were thrilled to see the new addition to the Williams family at their chiropractic office.

The baby’s name is Oliver and he was born on May 10th. Tom and his wife, Lauren who works as the practice’s office manager, have been bringing him in to work a few times a week to balance their work and parenting schedules.

Tom told ABC News: “The [patients] that we attract are very open and excited to see our family grow and were excited when Oliver came. The kids are thrilled to see him … the parents are as well because they can really connect.”

Last week Genia Rackos, who is a patient of Williams’ chiropractic clinic, snapped a photo of Williams examining her two sons, Yanni, 9, and Christos, 7. Rackos, with baby Oliver strapped closely to his father’s chest.

“Just seeing Dr. Tom, he’s such a calm doctor and such a loving person and I thought he was going to take the baby off, but he said, ‘Nope the baby’s sleeping’ and started adjusting all of us,'” Rackos told ABC News.

“I think he shows a really good example of what work-life balance is. He wears his baby with pride and it stands for everything he’s about. You walk in there and people are like, ‘Dr. Tom rocks!’ and he’s got baby Oliver on him.”

If you or your family member is in need of chiropractic care, give our clinic a call and schedule an appointment. We can’t promise you’ll get to meet a baby that day, but we do promise the very best in chiropractic care!

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