Office Syndrome: How to Avoid Office Related Back Pain

Office Syndrome: How to Avoid Office Related Back Pain

Office syndrome is one of the primary sources of discomfort and pain in an office environment. Surely, most office jobs will involve sitting down for long periods of time at a desk. If your posture and sitting pose are incorrect, this can lead to serious back complications. Furthermore, if heavy lifting is frequent and you are not prepared, you can potentially damage your back severely. Back pain can continue throughout your life and if not treated properly, can recur and make your job difficult. How can you prevent and avoid office related back pain? What preventative measures can you take to ensure your back is not under unnecessary strain?

How to Avoid Office Syndrome

One simple and effective way is to implement workstation ergonomics. This means tailoring your workstation to suit your needs and your physical makeup and build. This can include re-positioning items such as your chair, desk, files, and cupboards to create a suitable working environment that doesn’t impede your back or body in any way. Furthermore, if you sit for long periods, ensure your chair has cushion and the correct height and tilt.

Furthermore, ensure that your monitor and keyboard are at the correct height to avoid putting a strain on your neck and back from looking at an angle. Minimize stretching and reaching for heavy objects. Also, if you cannot reach something, stand up and walk over to it. Don’t stretch.

Aside from arranging your workplace in a suitable manner, you should also maintain a minimum level of movement. Our bodies can tolerate sitting or standing in one position for approximately 20 minutes, therefore, it is important to stand up and walk around or stretch regularly. By considering and implementing these pointers, you should drastically reduce your chance of contracting back pain in the office.

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