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Chiropractor Dad Wears Baby to Work

We just thought this was the cutest story about a fellow chiropractic care physician in our field of work. Last week ABC News published photos of a Chicago area chiropractor, Dr. Tom Williams, bringing his 9-week-old baby to work and wearing him on his chest in a new born baby wrap during patient examinations. ABC News called it “taking the idea of bring your child to work day to another level,” and reported that Dr. Williams’ patients were thrilled to see the new addition to

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Chiropractor Q&A

Although chiropractic care is the third largest group of medical practitioners in the United States with almost one out of ten Americans visiting a chiropractor every year, there is still a lot the general public doesn’t know or understand about the chiropractic profession. Although spinal care has existed in some form for over two millennia, modern chiropractics has only been recognized as a branch of medicine for about 100 years and many people still have a lot of questions about it. Here are a few

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Office Syndrome: How to Avoid Office Related Back Pain

Learn how to prevent this troublesome back pain commonly associated with office work Office syndrome is one of the primary sources of discomfort and pain in an office environment. Most office jobs will involve sitting down for long periods of time at a desk – If your posture and sitting pose are incorrect, this can lead to serious back complications. Furthermore, if heavy lifting is required in an office such as moving desks or equipment, if you are not prepared, you can potentially damage your

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