Spinal Decompression is an FDA approved, non-evasive and medication-free solution for disc related injuries of the lumbar or spine.

Why Spinal Decompression Works:

This FDA approved technology reduces back pain by gently stretching and altering the position of the spine. This position change relieves the pressure on vertebral discs in the spine.

Spinal discs are gel like cushions throughout the spin that work to absorb shock between the vertebrae in the spinal cord. (picture)
Removing the pressure between the vertebrae takes pressure off the spine and nerves. The decompression aids the flow of oxygen, water and other vital nutrients into the discs so they may heal faster.

Spinal decompression is used to treat:

How much does spinal decompression cost?

Treatment is covered by most health insurance plans. For patients without health insurance, treatments may cost on average, anywhere between $30 to $300 per session and may require 10 to 30 sessions depending on the condition.

How long does a spinal decompression session take?

Each procedure typically takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

Is spinal decompression painful?

Decompression is not painful. Patients should only feel a slight stretching of the spine.

Dr. JP normally recommends a series of decompression treatments for most conditions. It usually takes a few sessions for patients to experience long term pain relief, although most patients report a reduction in pain after just one session.

We have had patients who were actively considering back surgery for disc injuries but were able avoid it after chiropractic spinal decompression treatments. Natural treatment can be a very good alternative to surgery and long-term dependence on painkillers in many cases. Dr. JP will determine if decompression is necessary after a full examination and medical history.