Whiplash is any strain or injury to your neck that is caused by abrupt backward and/or forward jerking motions. Car accident injury is one of the most common causes of whiplash symptoms, but not the only cause. Sporting activities, falls and roller coasters can all cause significant strain on your neck and mobility loss. It is important to see a chiropractor immediately if whiplash symptoms are affecting your mobility.

Whiplash Symptoms: Difficulty Turning Neck

You may not realize how much you turn your neck until you can’t do it anymore. Simple actions such as driving, cooking and cleaning become painful chores. As a result, you move awkwardly to avoid the onset of more pain or strain.

Whiplash Symptoms: Headaches

Headaches you don’t typically experience may creep up. These can start at the base of your skull and radiate throughout your entire head. The cause of post-whiplash headache is not fully understood. It may relate to damaged joints or discs in the neck or result from inflamed ligaments and soft tissue. You may develop a headache immediately after your injury or it may develop later. These whiplash symptoms may continue for years after your injury if gone untreated.

Whiplash Symptoms: Tenderness

Even sleeping on a pillow may feel uncomfortable because of the simple weight of your tender neck against the fabric. Your neck may feel so raw that massage therapy may not be an option until after considerable healing.

This is where chiropractic treatments can help you by providing immediate results. Increasing blood circulation is important for relieving whiplash symptoms.

Your chiropractor may incorporate ultrasound or electro stim technology into your treatment plan. Ultrasound uses sound waves to promote healing while electro stim uses mild electric stimulation to increase blood flow. These technologies paired with physical therapy and chiropractic treatments can increase mobility.

If you are suffering from whiplash symptoms visit our Hunting Beach chiropractor immediately. We can help get you on the road to recovery fast.