Massage Therapy for Fibromyalgia

Living with fibromyalgia is difficult. The widespread muscle pain, exhaustion, and mood problems that affect those with fibromyalgia can lower quality of life and really wear a person down. It’s a disorder that affects all aspects of your life, which can be difficult to come to terms with. Don’t give up hope, though. There are many ways to help ease some of these symptoms, from medication to talk therapy. One helpful method is massage therapy.

No matter the type of massage you receive, the benefits are similar. It can help ease the pain and headaches caused by fibromyalgia, which can be a much-needed relief from your usual pain levels. In addition to easing the pain, massage can also restore vitality to tired muscles. Interruption or a negative impact to the quality of your sleep can affect all aspects of your daily life, including your quality of life. Massage therapy can be effective in helping alleviate the sleep problems that frequently accompany fibromyalgia, which will allow your body to rest and recover more effectively through the night. Another benefit is that massage treatment can help with other symptoms caused by this disorder, including those of anxiety and depression. Massage can help soothe your body and mind, and bring you more into balance.

If you’re looking to see if massage therapy is a good fit for you, then our chiropractic and massage therapy center can help. We hire only the best and most experienced massage therapists in California. We will be able to go in-depth into the benefits of this treatment and answer any questions you have, so you can fully understand the services we offer and how they might impact you. If you decide that massage therapy is a good fit for you, we will do everything we can to help improve your quality of life. Call us to make an appointment today.

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