How to Stop Relying on Prescription Pain Medication

While there are undoubtedly plenty of great doctors in your area, there are a few characteristics that all doctors share.

And the tendency to over prescribe pain medication is one of those tendencies. If you are in a situation where you gey into an accident, and you injured part of your body, you may be experiencing long-term pain.

If a doctor is not able to fix the issue in your body that is causing you to feel pain, they feel as though there is no alternative, but to prescribe pain medication. Sometimes, for an extended period.

There is nothing wrong with taking pain medication in the days and weeks after an injury or accident. But if you are taking pills to get through the day six months later, something has not gone as it should.

Painkillers are seriously addictive, they are not good for your body’s overall health, and they become less effective over time. Depending on them for more than a week or two is a bad idea, especially if this has been going on for months.

We suggest an alternate form of treatment instead: Visiting a chiropractor. We can help you get to the root of your pain issues.

If you are suffering from back pain, constant headaches, acute injuries or some other ailment, book an appointment with us. Chiropractors are known for tapping into our body’s healing intelligence to find a way to treat the issues that are causing you to feel pain.

We will not pump you full of painkillers, as our treatment methods are all about figuring out why you are experiencing pain, and how those issues can be directly treated.


Make an Appointment

If you are tired of needing multiple ibuprofen pills, or something even stronger, to get through the work day, we suggest that you come in and see us in our chiropractic clinic in Huntington Beach today.

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