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The Physical Price of Negativity

Negative thoughts or a negative attitude is something that can impact our lives in more ways than we imagine. We often associate negativity with having an impact on our personal and professional life, and on our mental health. But we rarely think about the impact of negativity on our physical body. It is important to understand the downsides of negativity on the body, and the upsides of positive thinking. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that around 90 percent of doctor’s visits are

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5 Things You Can Do for More Energy in the Morning

It has become a natural tendency for most people to roll out of bed and make a cup of tea or coffee. The caffeine helps us wake up, or so we think. The reality is that other ways exist for you to get yourself going at the start of the day. Here are five ways that you can have more energy in the morning without needing a cup of coffee. 1. Stretches for Energy Doing a few basic yoga stretches can help you so much

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3 Brilliant Weight Loss Tips: Accelerate Your Success Rate

There are a million different academic studies that have shown the power of keeping a journal as an accelerated weight loss tool. However, did you know that there are three additional weight loss tips you can use, as well? They include adding your body measurements, getting a comprehensive blood test and boosting your nutrition levels. Weight Loss Tips #1: Body Measurements If you have noticed that your bathroom scale has not moved backward even a centimeter, don’t fret! Simply include some body measurements so you can

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5 Strength Training Exercises You Can Do at Home

When we think of health, fitness and strength, we often think of complicated exercises that are done at the gym. But if you speak with any health professional, or with a chiropractor, they will tell you that many of the strength training exercises you are thinking about can be done at home with minimal effort. Here are five strength training exercises that will help you get in good shape, while recovering from injury. 1. Push-Ups One of the most basic exercises you will learn, the

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Health Tips: 3 Steps to Improved Wellness

When we speak about health and wellness, we often think of it in terms of an illness, injury or condition. For instance, if someone has a broken back, they are unwell. When the condition is “fixed,” they are healthy. However, health and wellness is something that is an ongoing struggle within our mind and body. Below are three steps that will help you towards the goal of improved wellness. 1. Move Around Those who suffer from long-term pain or injuries are often in a position where

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How to Stop Relying on Prescription Pain Medication

While there are undoubtedly plenty of great doctors in your area, there are a few characteristics that all doctors share. And the tendency to over prescribe pain medication is one of those tendencies. If you get into an accident, and you injured part of your body, you may be experiencing long-term pain. If a doctor is not able to fix the root issue causing you pain, they may prescribe pain medication. Sometimes, for an extended period. There is nothing wrong with taking pain medication in

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