Arthritis can be one of the more frustrating chronic conditions. It’s impossible to predict when you may experience a flare-up. Here are three ways your chiropractor can help ease your arthritis pain and manage flare-ups from happening in the future.

Massage Therapy for Arthritis Pain

If you are in the midst of intense arthritis pain and inflammation, your chiropractor will not make any significant adjustments as this can intensify the swelling of the joints. However, they may use gentle massage therapy techniques around the arthritic joint to help promote blood flow to the area, thereby promoting healing.

Ultrasound and Electrotherapy for Arthritis Pain

Your chiropractor may employ many additional modalities to help promote healing of inflamed tissue due to arthritis. During therapeutic ultrasound, your chiropractor will coat the affected area in a special gel and rub a small wand over and around the inflammation. The ultrasound tool uses sound waves to help promote blood flow and thus, healing within the tissue.

Electrotherapy delivers a mild electric current through electrical wires connected to adhesive pads placed on or around the surrounding muscles. The mild electric current stimulates blood flow which allows muscles to heal and helps to relieve pressure on the joints.

Physical Therapy and Muscle Scraping for Arthritis Pain

Over time, scar tissue can build up around the affected joint making a triggered inflammation seem more painful.
Chiropractors can utilize a technique called muscle scraping, also referred to as gua sha in ancient Chinese medicine, which utilizes a small plastic flat scraper to massage the muscles surrounding the joint. This combined with a regular regimen of physical therapy exercises can help build up supporting muscles to prevent further injury/pain.

If you continually ignore arthritis pain and it goes untreated it can only get worse. Call our Huntington Beach chiropractor today to schedule your assessment and develop a treatment plan that is right for you.