In the time following a car accident, there can be a number of things to contend with. Important things, like getting the insurance settled, getting your car fixed up, setting up an alternative form of transportation if necessary, and so on. In all the mess and stress, it can be easy to overlook focusing on what’s arguably most important: your health and healing. A car can be replaced, but you’re going to have that body forever.

More and more people are seeking chiropractic care for car accident injuries to focus on a number of debilitating and even minor issues. For some, they’ve worked through traditional medical care for years without success. For others, it’s a way to receive more natural care, with less of a focus on drug prescriptions and invasive procedures. Back pain is the most commonly known reason for a chiropractor visit, but there a variety of reasons people visit the chiropractor, including neck pain, tingling and numbness, headaches, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, stress, immune system strengthening, and finally, to be treated in the aftermath of a car accident. Put your long-term health and along with it, your happiness, first by going to see a chiropractor after a car accident for these five reasons.

Get Records for Claims

Depending on the specifics regarding your recent accident, you may need to file a personal injury claim against the liable party. This is particularly true if you were injured due to a fault of theirs. If so, the defendant may be made to pay all of your reasonably necessary medical expenses related to the car accident. In order to prove damages, having bills to show treatment was necessary will be necessary and very helpful. Your chiropractor will record your injuries and their severity and submit a report to be used as evidence to the court or to the insurance carrier.

Treat Injuries You May Not Know You Have

In the aftermath of a stressful and frightening incident such as a car accident, the adrenaline flowing can make it seem like you haven’t been injured at all. You may shrug off small cuts and bruises, not knowing that you have suffered ligament or muscle tears not seen in a common X-ray. All car accidents cause some amount of whiplash, even small collisions. The sooner you get whiplash treated, the quicker it will heal.

Target Inflammation and Reduce Long-Term Consequences

The micro-tears and strains that are common in car accidents are injuries that aren’t immediately clear and can’t often be diagnosed even by doctors. These are the injuries that lead to patients waking up the day after an accident stiff, sore, and miserable. A visit to the your chiropractor in Huntington Beach and a realignment of your spinal column by chiropractic adjustment offers a release of a natural anti-inflammatory in your body, lowering pain and reducing inflammation and getting you back on the path to feeling 100%. This also helps ease the impact of long-term consequences.

Treat Your Entire Body, Naturally

Receiving chiropractic care in the time following an accident will not only help to heal the injuries you received but can help your entire body feel better. Spinal manipulation has been found to release a hormone that acts as a natural pain reliever. Instead of turning to drugs or invasive treatment options, your chiropractor will target your pain and promote health naturally.

Long-Term Benefits

Treating your injuries immediately means saving yourself the time and money of costly medical procedures after the injuries have compounded. Injuries that occur after a car accident will only get worse the longer they go untreated. Get care now from a professional to save you time and money in the long run.

If you’ve been in a car accident recently, reach out to your chiropractor to schedule an appointment and avoid invasive and prescription focused treatment. Act now to feel better right away.