Whiplash: How to File a Claim

Whiplash: How to File a Claim

Every time you get into a car, you are at risk for a whiplash injury caused when your head and neck suddenly jolt forward and back. Moreover, even the slightest fender bender can cause a minor whiplash injury.

Whiplash Statistics Remain High

According to Right Diagnosis from Healthgrades, there are at least 120,000 reported whiplash injuries every year. Furthermore, Right Diagnosis figures this to 10,000 injuries per month, 2,340 per week, 328 per day, and 13 people per hour injured by whiplash.

Whiplash causes pain and stiffness in your neck, ranging from mild to severe. This damage can also cause radiating pain to the back, arms, and legs, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, headaches, inability to turn your head and tenderness.

A chiropractor can evaluate you to determine if your car accident injury is due to whiplash. Additionally, at Fitness Chiropractic & Massage Therapy, our chiropractors provide free evaluations for auto accident injuries. Dr. Khreich has successfully treated hundreds of whiplash as well as spinal injury cases. He will create a custom treatment plan for your unique condition that may include some of the following chiropractic techniques:

Your Attorney’s Responsibility

  • Files a claim for you
  • Speaks with the person who was negligent, insurance companies, doctors, witnesses, the police
  • Works in earnest building your claim and gets you satisfactory and adequate compensation
  • Represents you in a court of law
  • Completes all necessary documents and paperwork

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation for damages to your car, lost wages, and medical bills. You can file a claim yourself, but it is best to contact an experienced injury lawyer and chiropractor who can walk you through the process. Call an attorney as soon as possible to file your whiplash claim paperwork for you.

Your Responsibility

  • Call 911 and your advocate
  • Seek immediate medical attention
  • Find a credible medical doctor
  • See a chiropractor as soon as physically possible
  • Gather police reports
  • Collect photos of your accident (appoint an advocate)
  • Gather all medical documentation and tests
  • Document all medical appointments and doctor visits
  • Your attorney will protect you against insurance requests for any independent medical exams
  • Never sign any legal documents without the approval of your attorney
  • Never admit guilt and never speak directly to anyone without permission from your lawyer

If you have an auto accident injury and feel like you may be suffering from whiplash injury, then give us a call today. We provide free evaluations and also accept attorney liens. If you are diagnosed with whiplash, Dr. Khriech’s natural approach to treating spinal injuries will have you feeling better in no time. Fitness Chiropractic & Massage Therapy has locations in Long Beach, Signal Hill, and Huntington Beach. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.


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