All pain can feel the same when it is being experienced in the moment. However, it is important to distinguish between different types of pain – because they each have their own purpose. These types of pain include acute paon and chronic pain.

Acute Pain

The goal of acute pain is to protect us and our body. When someone puts their hand next to a hot flame they feel an intense heat that turns into a burning sensation. That pain is the body’s way of warning you to get your hand away from that hot flame, because it will cause your body harm. But not all types of pain are acute pain.

Chronic Pain

The pain that many people suffer through is chronic pain. This pain remains despite the underlying issue being gone. For instance, people who suffer from a car accident injury and seek rehabilitation and treatment may still experience pain. X-rays and other tests may show their body has healed, yet their pain is still present. Such chronic pain is often the result of improper healing, or incomplete healing. While doctors treated the most obvious injuries, they could have missed something. This is why the patient is still experiencing uncomfortable pain.

Instead of trying to tackle this pain with prescription pain medicine or other substances, it is better to seek treatment of the root cause. That is why so many patients are starting to see chiropractic treatments as a real solution. Chiropractors have the ability to help patients who are experiencing chronic pain. A chiropractor can help re-align your body and alleviate your chronic pain symptoms. While you may not feel complete relief after a single chiropractic adjustment, you will gradually get better with each treatment. And pretty soon, your chronic pain will be an issue of the past. Visit our Huntington Beach chiropractor and get rid of your pain once and for all.