Anxiety can creep into your thoughts and feelings in a way that suddenly renders you overwhelmed and panicked. Massage therapy for anxiety is a relaxing and straightforward way to tackle some of the emotional and physical triggers that may make you feel anxious. Oh, and it also feels awesome.

Here are five ways massage therapy for anxiety can help:

Break Down Toxins and Enzymes in the Body

Just driving to and from work can attract various environmental pollutants into your bloodstream which can become lodged in your tightened muscles. Massage therapy for anxiety helps to release toxins to help your muscles perform at their ultimate potential. As a result, you will feel healthier both mentally and physically.

Emotional Release Through Trigger Point Manipulation

Yep. It’s totally normal to cry on the massage table, but not from pain, rather from emotional release and your massage therapist will support you through this. After all, crying can be some of the best medicine.

Reduce Physical Symptoms with Massage Therapy for Anxiety

Just as the body’s muscles may retain emotional pain, other organs can react in a physical way to your anxiety. Upset stomach, pounding heart, sweating, headaches, dizziness, frequent urination or even diarrhea can all be relieved over time through regular massage therapy for anxiety sessions.

Relax and Soothe Aches and Pains in the Body

Massage therapy for anxiety can relieve everyday pain that can contribute to other illnesses. It can also help you find immediate relief to aches and pains.

Prepare You for Stressful Medical Procedures

You may experience anxiety around a specific event, and for many, an impending medical procedure can trigger an attack. Massage therapy for anxiety can help you relax before or after surgery. Furthermore, it can also help you become centered before receiving news regarding your medical condition.

Make an appointment today with our Huntington Beach chiropractor and massage therapist. It’s time that you felt some relief from your anxiety.