It’s happened again. You’ve woken up with chronic migraine and you can barely move, barely even breathe! You realize today is going to be another one of THOSE days. A day when your life is put on hold until this debilitating pain passes.

No amount of medicine seems to relieve it. And you’ve tried many other ways to prevent chronic migraines including limiting caffeine and changing your diet or incorporating specific exercises. But right now? This pain is so unbearable that it hurts to even think about how to cope, much less try to figure out a long-term treatment and maintenance plan.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. You can have relief for your chronic migraines relatively quickly with a few spinal adjustments. In fact, a recent review of 21 different independent studies showed that patients who received a spinal manipulation specific to treat chronic migraines once or twice a week saw a significant improvement within eight weeks.

A spinal adjustment at your chiropractor in Huntington Beach usually consists of direct pressure to a joint or trigger area. Often your chiropractor will adjust your neck or upper back to give you instant relief. Some clients report feeling a bit sore after the first manipulation. Just remember it may take your muscles a day or so to adjust to the correction in your spine or neck. But the long-term relief will likely be noticeable.

Through regular spinal manipulations, you may start to feel normal again. And you deserve to live without the worry of what might set off another migraine.

It’s time to feel human again and to not wonder if tomorrow will be another one of those debilitating chronic migraine days. Make the call to our office to schedule an appointment to help you get relief today.