Food is the Best Anti-Aging Medicine

Food is the Best Anti-Aging Medicine

As society continues to develop and reach more advanced medical levels, we continue searching for a way to postpone aging. We all want to live at the prime of our physical and mental health for as long as possible. But what is the key to stopping the process of aging? Is it anti-aging medicine? Supplements? New technologies? Here, we take a look.

Telomeres and Anti-Aging Medicine

Many scientists have discovered that something known as telomeres might pose the key to staving off the aging process. Telomeres within our body protect our DNA by acting as a kind of buffer at the tips of chromosomes. Think of telomeres as the plastic cap you would add on top of shoelaces to ensure they do not fray. Protecting your telemeres could be anti-aging medicine in itself.

The average cell in our bodies divides anywhere from 50 to 70 times before its death. Similarly, the telomeres on the ends of these chromosomes get shorter with each division. It is inevitable that shorter telomeres will result in less protection for our DNA. And studies show that those individuals who have longer telomeres, even as they get older, are going to live longer and healthier lives. But how can we increase the number of telomeres in our bodies?

A study in 2008 by a Dr. Dean Ornish showed that when his test subjects ate a plant-based diet for around three months, they showcased increased telomerase activity in their bodies. The fiber that is contained in plant foods is the reason for the increased telomeres, which indicates a healthy and sustainable plant-based diet could be the key to a long and healthy life for all of us. Giving up the meats and other processed foods we have come to love is not easy, but it could be the key to prolonging your life. If food is medicine, then healthy food is the best anti-aging medicine there is!

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