Negative thoughts or a negative attitude is something that can impact our lives in more ways than we imagine. We often associate negativity with having an impact on our personal and professional life, and on our mental health. But we rarely think about the impact of negativity on our physical body. It is important to understand the downsides of negativity on the body, and the upsides of positive thinking.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that around 90 percent of doctor’s visits are because of stress. Many issues that patients experience are because of the negativity that stress is putting on their mind and body. Again, we only think of stress as negatively impacting our mind. We do not think about how it is causing literal stress on our bodies too. There is indeed a physical price of negativity.

Physical Price of Negativity

Constant negative emotions can lead to a decreased life span. This means those who can keep those negative thoughts out are going to live longer. Negative emotions also can lead to an increased likelihood of a heart attack or a stroke. Negativity is also linked to being more stressed, having less energy, and experiencing more pain throughout the body. Negative individuals are also likely to have fewer friends, and there is research that links loneliness with a host of negative side effects on the body.

The first step is to combat the negativity as it starts to enter your mind, and to ensure you are trying your best to remain positive. A visit to a massage therapist can help both mentally and physically. Massage therapy can not only help you relax but can also help reduce your physical pain as well. Another way that you can reduce the physical pain negativity and stress have on your bod is by booking a chiropractic appointment at our clinic. Our chiropractor can perform a chiropractic adjustment, or a more serious treatment, depending on your condition. If you are already experiencing negative health effects because of negativity, our Huntington Beach chiropractor can help you with those too!